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Think of the great impacts that cryptocurrency has made in the global space, in so little time, right from its inception; The benefits which it offers are limitless, as a result of it's intriguing qualities.

The incredible features of the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain has given it greater advantage over the archaic traditional fiat currency that's currently the means of exchange, and so it is taking over from the fiat, as global standard currency at an alarming speed.

To maintain an asset as a great and beneficial as cryptocurrencies, improved cryptocurrency exchanges are needed, to make sure that these digital assets are used to the peak of their potential and to harness it's benefits to the entire world.
If channelled correctly with the help of these exchange platforms, cryptocurrency will improve the global standard of living significantly.

Additionally, to ensure healthy competition in the cryptocurrency industry, other useful cryptocurrencies are being developed from time to time. This will ensure the continuity of the system and will bring about flexibility in the industry, as there will be digital assets/cashes for nearly every transaction that's being done over the internet.

But as earlier mentioned, managing these new cryptocurrencies is very vital, and that is where the cryptocurrency exchange platforms which saturates the industry, has been failing immensely.

A better exchange that is more equipped to efficiently manage cryptocurrencies and it's underlying technology, is highly needed in the market today.



IMO is a unique cryptocurrency exchange platform, which offers better operations to the players in the cryptocurrency industry, ranging from the ordinary users, to cryptocurrency projects.

IMO exchange is aimed at overcoming the shortcomings of existing cryptocurrency exchanges that has stalled the growth of the entire industry, due to their inefficiencies and poor performance periodically.

I know you are already beginning to wonder, "How does IMO exchange aim to solve these problems?"

I'll tell you!

IMO exchange isn't just offering a cryptocurrency exchange, but a superior kind of exchange with improved approaches and technologies, that will help further the advancement of cryptocurrency and blockchain in its entirety.

IMO thoroughly screens every new project before entering them into its system for private sale, so as to eliminate the numerous fake projects we have in the market today. This will also protect the investments made from potential investors into the new project.

The IMO exchange also finances projects with its presale funding method.
During presale, new cryptocurrency projects can raise funds using the IMO exchange platform by giving their coins(or tokens) to investors in exchange for funds to finance their project.

Now to the best part…

While privately and securely funding the project, the process is split into three different stages, with corresponding intervals.

During the first stage, the coins(or tokens) offered to the investors will be limited, and the same is applicable to the subsequent months/phases.

This pattern is adopted by IMO to give a gap with which investors will examine the progress of the project, and then invest or hold back their investments if they are nat satisfied with its progress or performance so far. They can also decide to hold back for no reason at all at their own discretion that is.

You might think...



It is obvious that the IMO presale method beats the regular IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), where the investor's interest is not protected.
Exchanges making use of the IEO to fund new projects are only focused on the good of the project owners and that of the exchange itself, as the investors are made to invest at an early stage of the project, with so much uncertainty as to whether the project survives or not.

In numerous cases, the projects do not see the light of the day, and the investors end up losing their investments.
But the IMO presale now presents an avenue for investors to closely monitor how much the project is progressing, and then invest at their preferred convenient time, after they are satisfied with what has already been done by the project throughout the entire period of the sale.

From everything I've said above, its evident that IMO presale will always be the preferred option, over the IEO which has lately become less-productive.


The IMO exchange platform will ensure that it provides all that it's users will need, so it has created a secure digital wallet, for the storage of various digital assets.

With the IMO wallet, trading on the exchange will be made easier, as the users do not have to look for third party wallets for storage.

The IMO token, which is used to make payments like, exchange and listing fees, will also stored be stored in the IMO wallet.


IMO exchange platform has all you need to start benefiting from the cryptocurrency industry.
It's presale method and security measures is top-notch, all to ensure that the users, both investors, cryptocurrency projects and regular users, make the most out of the cryptocurrency industry. Kind of the holy grail for both new and expert cryptocurrency traders and investors.


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