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What is the cryptocurrency Exchange?

To actually know cryptocurrency exchanges, the ways these new kinds of exchanges are not the same as traditional monetary exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges must have strong protections from a number of those events. Even so, these exchanges do function as a core vehicle for liquid usage of cryptocurrency assets. Cryptocurrency exchanges operate exactly like conventional exchanges. The cryptocurrency market helps with all the trade and collects the charges. The distinction is that the underlying advantage - bitcoin or even Ethereum or another cryptocurrency that doesn’t have exactly the identical evaluation possessions as national money.

As we know, the crypto is facing a massive grow day by day. this situation, the need for the availability of crypto exchange is something that must be fulfilled as the market moves in large numbers of requests. In this situation, the need for the availability of crypto exchange is something that must be fulfilled as the market moves in large numbers of requests. For this reason, a new crypto exchange takes a brand FUTURE1EXCHANGE is here stand to serve the community to buy, sell their crypto assets with excellent service.



Using a tagline “To create the most compelling Blockchain & Cryptocurrency company of the 21st century”, future1exchange will provide for both of them, professional traders and retail investors. The platform allows users for buying, selling, and storing the cryptocurrencies assets easily and secure.

Userfriendly Interface

Future1exchange offers two basic interfaces and an advanced interface. with both of these Display lets, you can go according to your taste. The basic interface has a simpler appearance while the advance display has a more complete display to accommodate your convenience in trading.

basic interface

advance intreface

OTC Trading service

In conventional financial markets, OTC brokers facilitate the trade of securities which aren’t recorded on formal centralized exchanges, like the New York Stock Exchange. Over-The-Counter commerce relies on a trader network eased by OTC agents who negotiate directly with sellers and buyers within a computer system or the telephone. In cryptocurrency markets, OTC transactions will also be facilitated by OTC agents who negotiate directly with the seller and buyer. The task of an OTC agent is to locate natural buyers and sellers to get a transaction. The most important difference between centered exchange-based commerce and also over-the-counter commerce can be found in the anonymity offered with an OTC desk. OTC desks don’t supply a public purchase publication list all transactions, which permits large amounts to be transferred gently with no capability to interrupt markets.

In this case, future1exchanges has a great agreement with Paxos and OSL as a Prime Investment And Trading Opportunities In The Crypto Space. This feature will make more benefits for the user as:

  1. Top excellent services: Offering an easy way of trading. The Future1Exchange OTC Trading Desk Partners will call you via telephone, telegram, skype or any other telecommunication tools so you don’t need to do it with your own hands, you are the boss.
  2. High Liquidity: OTC trading brings much liquidity with a large volume, it’s faster than on a Crypto Exchange in regular.
  3. Fixed Price: Should you purchase considerable quantities of cryptos on an exchange you will likely understand the cost rise as your purchase is becoming executed. This is a result of the fact that as soon as you finish purchasing from the ”affordable” sellers you gradually proceed to the ”expensive” sellers. This means that you don’t have A fixed price for the buy. When you use an OTC trading desk you can negotiate A fixed cost.

By these benefits, I believe that ftuture1exchange will be the big player in the industry for 3–5 years forward. So this your chance to take the experience on this exchange.

Project links:

Website | Telegram| Whitepaper | Twitter |Facebook

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