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BTCC is the world's longest-running cryptocurrency exchange since 2011. Being in the business for a very long time and the vast experience they have picked up on the road, I believe they know what works! That is the reason they are leveraging their years of a successful business model and their experience in the traditional financial market to pass this on to their customers.With that being said we change our focus to futures trading on the btcc exchange and look at some reasons that make it unique and some reasons it has an edge over its competitors.

Based on my personal experience I have hand picked some of the features that have kept me using the BTCC exchange specifically in the futures trading department. Under the futures trading they have features that can not be found anywhere else apart from this platform and here is a list of some of them:

1.Leverage: In terms of leverage they have a variety of options here ranging from 10x, 20x, 50x 100x and go as high as 150x. This variety and high leverage available on BTCC is unheard of even on exchanges that claim to be top exchanges in the crypto ecosystem.

2.Types of Future Contracts: Unlike what we used to seeing like perpetual future contracts, BTCC has other types of future contracts namely the Daily future contracts, the Weekly future contracts and not forgetting the popular perpetual future contracts which is liked by many because it has no expiry date.


3.Variety of Currencies for futures trading: because BTCC has been in this exchange business for a long time… to be exact 9 years, they understand the needs of their customers which is why we have been spoilt for choice with a variety of cryptocurrencies for futures trading like shown in the table below.


4 . Initial margin: BTCC has the lowest initial margin required to hold larger trades as compared to it's competitors a reason why over 900 thousand people trade on this exchange.


5 . Opening fees on trades, if you ask me cryptocurrencies are subjected to all sorts of fees when it comes to trading from sending coins from your wallet to the exchange, fees. Opening a trade, fees, which is a trend on most of btcc's competitor platforms. To stay ahead BTCC does not charge an opening fee on all types of futures contracts probably to encourage more traders to try this out.


To learn more about the exchange visit https://trade.btcc.com/en-US/

Affiliate link: https://trade.btcc.com/en-US/register?inviteCode=f4gla4

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