Cointal Exchange: The Complete Guide

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The word “Cointal” was coined from “Coin Portal.” Cointal is an online exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. Cointal takes a novel approach to exchange trading by cutting off the middleman, choosing instead to connect buyers with sellers by serving as a peer-to-peer platform where traders can deal in Ripple and Ethereum.

Cointal aims to facilitate the buying and selling of digital currencies as well as offer a broad range of payment options.

Despite the exchange focusing on Ethereum and Ripple as the assets of choice, it provides users with the opportunity to exchange or trade other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, with a possible addition of more crypto coins in the near future.

Cointal is also designed to improve upon the issues traders face on other exchanges such as longer verification times, deposit and withdrawal limits, expensive charges, and irksome protocols.

The company offers advanced security features and better transparency than what obtains generally in the industry. As a result, users can buy digital currencies for free while benefitting from fast transactions.

Clients can purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, or Ethereum in just five minutes or less. In order to avoid operating at a loss, Cointal makes its money by charging sellers transaction fees of 1% for all transactions conducted on the platform. Cointal’s services are available to users from all over the world.

Cointal also offers an affiliate program that lets users earn money by referring other people to the platform.

The company presents an all-in-one wallet for all users, which gives them access to store funds securely. The purse is provided by Cointal’s partner, BitGo. This help makes it easier for traders to organize their portfolio.

Cointal’s headquarters is located at 63 Loveridge Road London, United Kingdom, NW6 2DR.

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