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Crypto trading is developing rapidly, and the number of people who want to try their hand at crypto trading is constantly growing. At the moment, there are more than 400 cryptocurrency exchanges on the market, so it is quite difficult for a novice trader to choose a suitable exchange for trading. Newcomers often end up on dubious exchanges, which are banal scams. Moreover, it is not uncommon for cryptocurrency exchanges to abuse artificially created trading volumes to simulate rapid activity and increase commissions from projects for listing new tokens. This allows trading platforms to advance in the ratings in the short term and thus become visible to many market participants.
Low commissions, many ways to replenish the balance, a convenient interface — all these advantages become insignificant if the exchange cannot guarantee its users stable and safe operation. In this regard, when choosing a trading platform, a trader needs to know what it is, to be sure of its functionality, liquidity and security, because he trusts it with his funds.
Therefore, before starting cooperation with a particular exchange, a trader should carefully study the lists of exchanges, read reviews about them, and select those that create the most optimal and secure conditions for trading and storing their funds.


And the ProExchangers platform, which is a crypto-exchange rating with a star system, can help in this. By clicking on the star, the user gets to a page with reliable reviews of real people about the exchange. Thanks to these reviews the user will be able to make a choice in favor of a particular cryptocurrency exchange, as well as write his review describing the experience with a particular exchange. Reviews are divided into three categories: positive, negative and neutral. Positive reviews are assigned a score of +1, neutral reviews get 0, and negative reviews get -1. Star ratings are assigned a value from 1 to 5 for each star.


To write a review, the user will need to create an account and confirm an email address. Reviews will not be deleted from the platform, and fake reviews and reviews containing spam will be moved to the spam tab with the corresponding mark and will not be taken into account in the rating.
Simply put, the rating of exchanges on the ProExchangers platform is formed based on truthful reviews and ratings of both large investors and private traders seeking to earn on cryptocurrencies. If an exchange does not pay users their funds, its rating will be low, so trading there is not recommended. Such reviews will help both beginners and professional traders to find the best trading platforms.
Moreover, the ProExchangers platform aims to support young and promising crypto projects that are less than eighteen months old by creating a separate page for them, because It's not easy for such projects to stand out among other cryptocurrency exchanges and attract the attention of active users.
The ProExchangers platform has its own ERC20 token - the ProExchangers Review Token (PERT) to support ProExchangers platform users promoting transparency in the crypto space, as well as to Fund transparent crypto reviews.
In conclusion, we would like to note that thanks to the ProExchangers platform, users will be able to choose only proven and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, which will protect them from financial losses, since only the real user experience that traders share gives the most truthful picture of working with a particular cryptocurrency exchange.
Each user of the platform can help improve the rating of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. Leave your feedback about working with a specific platform. Your opinion will help other users find a reliable cryptocurrency exchange service.


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The project impresses with the successful sale of its tokens and I think they will be a great success! I will definitely become their partner, thank you for the clear guide!

the first time I hear about such a project

I will definitely become their partner its very good!

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