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主画面.jpgExcraft is committed to building a decentralized management of cryptocurrency exchange platform by using cloud-native and micoservices to ensure that the exchange has the highly secure and high-performance to operate.

ExCraft enables Proof of Existence (PoE), transferring transaction fees to encourage participants. The "Congress" and "Senate" in community constitute the decentralized autonomous organization with the voting right to list new tokens and the autonomy to achieve decentralized management. The “Grand Pool” has additional pool rewards and the opportunity to set up their own sub-transaction section. Every link is an epoch-making innovation of today's exchanges.

Due to the existence of decentralized autonomous organizations, ExCraft will establish a new economic system driven by Grand Pool and open the future of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ExCraftExchange

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how could i create a grand pool?

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