CRYPTONITY: The Revolutionary Decentralized Exchange

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The arrival of digital technologies and it's integration into several sectors, either big, small, or medium continues to enjoy growth. It has also brought along with it digital currency which gain attention to all kind of individuals who has find a way of benefiting and applying benefits these currency and to investors, who consider cryptocurrency their as potential profitable assets.

However, statistics shows that the number of available cryptocurrencies increases day to day and in order to select them for your portfolio, you need to have a good knowledge of where it can be bought and traded. These requires common sense as there are various exchanges but choosing a good and reliable one where your funds are safe is important.

An exchange with reliable tools, with decentralization and where transactions are carried out with the help of smart contracts is recommended, all these features leads to CRYPTONITY; an exchange and a community.



Cryptonity is the combination of two words: Crypto and Community.

It is a novel decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It is called CRYPTONITY because it stands for Crypto and Community, two meaningful words. This shows that unlike most existing exchange platforms, CRYPTONITY is created to be an exchange platform that is adopted and appreciated by all owners and users of cryptocurrency.

Cryptonity main aim is to present the safest, limpid, comprehensive, and durable crypto exchange that has not existed before. This will bring positive vibes to the crypto community amidst all the complaints about existing exchanges and also turn cryptocurrency into a valuable asset that is accepted globally.

In summary, it will add benefits to traders, investors, users, and the entire crypto community in many ways.

How CRYPTONITY Operates?

The Cryptonity team is planning to build and introduce a new blockchain network. The blockchain development process will initiate as soon as the ICO will end and the community participants will join this project in order to aid it in moving forward to help it in progressing fast. Currently, the developers are solely concentrating on developing the community because the new crypto community is needed to ensure proper development of the project in order to present a platform that is useful to all participants.

For smooth progress of the project, a “code-a-thon” program will be launched. This program will reward user or teams that offers their efforts to make Cryptonity a better crypto exchange. The reward will be in form of the XNY tokens.

What To Expect From The Cryptonity exchange

A Crypto System For All: The CRYPTONITY platform will offer all participants with sophisticated and high performance trading tool that is available to all level of traders. Holders of Cryptonity Token (XNY) holders will also be allowed to trade with the lowest fees known in the the crypto trading sector. This is done in their aim to provide participants with a decentralized crypto exchange platform that is developed on its own blockchain.

Better incentive programs and chances are made available for all participants to work on so as to help in developing an effective crypto exchange for trading.

Sophisticated Security: The Cryptonity founders have employed leading security experts to provide all participants with an exchange that has top-level security features. The CRYPTONITY platform will also be the first to provide participants with insurance that will allow them to order for refund if they lose their crypto assets.

Community Solutions: As mentioned earlier, Cryptonity is willing to involve the platform participants in the development process of its decentralized crypto exchange. The participants can consider their needs and make top suggestions for the Cryptonity team to add some unique features to the platform.


Cryptonity is a step in the right direction for the crypto community as they will be presenting a decentralized exchange, developed for the users on the basis of the features and functions that is also suggested by the same users. By offering some features that other exchanges do not offer, Cryptonity will revolutionize the entire crypto exchange sector.

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