Azbit A Sophisticated Trading And Investment Platform For Both Newbie And Expert Cryptocurrency Investors.

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The world has virtually moved online. Individuals can now make friends, shop, and do virtually everything online. But our financial system is still in old fiat form and the most dominant currency which is US Dollars. Since everything has moved online, scientist and engineers have continued to look for a way to create a border-less means of value transfer that is not controlled by government agencies or any centralized entity.

The introduction of bitcoin in 2008 has led to the first digital currency to ever existed. Bitcoin which is a decentralized peer to peer digital currency, that enables individuals to send and receive payment from across the world in a decentralized manner.

The cryptocurrency exchange is the first point of interaction for a newbie to get involved in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Over time there has been challenges for a newbie to get involved in cryptocurrency. This has given birth to Azbit, a sophisticated blockchain investment banking that combines all financial instrument with all kind of assets into one robust platform.


What Is Azbit?

Azbit is a cryptocurrency exchange, which aims to bring cryptocurrency to ordinary individuals. It provides a variety of flexible features to enable individual seamlessly get involved in cryptocurrency. The exchange also provides traders with a built-in margin trading, algo marketplace, and algorithmic trading tools. One of the core features of the exchange is the provision of an investment platform with copy trading, portfolio management tools, and SAMM account. Additionally, it would provide the traditional banking platform.

Copy Trading

Copy trading seems to be a very exciting feature for the Azbit Exchange, as a lot of cryptocurrency traders are new and unskilled to trading cryptocurrency. Some are even not disposed of with time to learn how to trade cryptocurrency but they still want to make a profit in crypto trading, the Azbit got them covered.

The Azbit Copy Trading is a simply an innovative investment technique that enables an individual or trader in the Azbit exchange ecosystem to be able to automatically copy positions or trades opened and managed by often more experienced trader or investor for profit purposes. Just do as i do.


For Instance:

Tom has successfully graduated from college and is working at a multi-nationals for the past 5 yrs, and has a keen interest in cryptocurrency but doesn't have the time and the required skills to trade cryptocurrency in the Azbit platform to make a profit for his investment.

Jerry is a successful economist and has worked for top financial institutions in the US for the past 7yrs and finally settled to trading cryptocurrency. Since 2011 he has been quite successful trading cryptocurrency with almost 90% success trade ratio. He recently was interested in Azbit copy trading platform and registered and was approved.

Being more experience with trading for the past few years and is committed to trading cryptocurrency for a living. Tom, on the other hand, invested $14,000 into the Azbit platform decided to allocate a portion of his portfolio "$5,000" to copy Jerry's trade. Terry was able to make a decent profit from his trading decisions and at the end of a period, 45% of profit would go to Tom's account with his initial investment. While 10% is taken for the platform commision for maintenance and overall system upkeep.

The copy trading feature on the Azbit platform enables individual make a decent profit from their investment without needing to sit in front of their computer all day. The copy trade feature allows investors to copy trade of more experienced trader and make a profit of it.


The Azbit is a sophisticated ecosystem for both expert cryptocurrency enthusiast and newbie. It provides a fair playing ground for all individual in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The idea is unique and innovative and would encourage mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

Visit their official website, join their social media communities and consult the official documents for more information about the project.

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This article is not a financial advice. Investing in ICO may be extremely risky, always remember to do your own research and consult financial and legal advisors before investing in ICOs.

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