50x.com Exchange

50X is going to revolutionize cryptocurrency exchanges with a next generation platform fully loaded with features found in modern financial markets

Where the overwhelming amount of current exchanges have limits on user trading with only direct pair exchange, 50X will open the door with modern financial instruments and features.

  • Futures
  • Options
  • Leverage & Margin
  • Index Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • ETF
  • Token cross-exchange

Along with all the necessary trading tools used by professionals to mitigate risk and to maximize profits including all order types based upon technical indicators

  • Stop loss, limits, ect..

Even with all of these much needed features, the greatest competitive advantage 50X is offering is a solution to:


50X has it's own cross-exchange liquidity protocol so that all pairs on the exchange has significant liquidity for traders, while maximizing exchange profits and ultimately STE token holders.

All Eyes are on 50X

50X is open for traders - https://go.50x.com/48000

50X is still being developed with features being implemented regularly.

  • The first publicly owned cryptocurrency exchange where 100% commisions are paid directly to token holders
  • All Crypto-Tokens available to trade at 1 exchange with a complex solution for liquidity

This project is not only necessary, but also provides a great investment opportunity

Join Now through my affiliate link: https://go.50x.com/48000


I'm definitely going to be looking out for 50X @justiceforall. Is this a decentralized exchange?

It is a hybrid exchange. As of right now I not actually sure how much is decentralized or if the plan is to go full dex in the future.
But I know that development is being done.... Check it out, would be great to have you onboard!

Never heard of a hybrid before, but that's an interesting take. I think transitional processions are important for this dispensation of centralization vs decentralization. It's lacking in most of the project we see in the crypto space. Much love @justiceforall..

Already signed up and trading!

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