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 Its been another busy week here at the Excel Club and I have been reviewing the types of content I have been sending you.  I understand that I have followers of all skill levels, some are beginner Excel user and many are more advanced Power Pivot and Power BI users.  Trying to create a balance of content to keep all levels happy can be difficult.

But I think this week I might have cracked it.  Again I have 3 resources for you and I am hoping I have something for everyone.  No matter what your skill level is.

For the more advanced users, this week we are going to look at some Tips when using DAX for Power Pivot and Power BI

6 DAX tips for Excel and Power BI users

For the more intermediate users, we have a video outlining the changes and improvements made to Pivot tables in Excel 365.  I wonder how many of these changes you spotted as they were rolled out?

Excel Pivot table changes and Improvements

And finally, for the more general level Excel users, we have a video on Funnel charts

<a href="

"How to insert and work with Funnel Charts in Excel

Excel For All Community Update
As many of you are aware I have been beta testing a new decentralized blockchain-based Excel Community.  This beta test is open to anyone with a steem account.  Just like the Learn and Earn activities here on The Excel Club, you can also earn tokens within the community. If you signed up for a steem account so you can take part in the learn and earn activities, then you already have login details for the community.  Tokens can be earned for asking questions, answering questions and sharing knowledge. These tokens can then be used against the price of our premium training courses> and against other products and services. You can access the beta community with this link

If you don’t have a steem account and would like one, contact me with the user name you would like and I will have an account set up for you.

That's it for this week.  I do hope you enjoy this week's resources and I look forward to seeing you in the community. 

Kind Regards



Hi Paula, there seems to be a broken <a href=" sitting above the embedded Youtube.

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