Excel and Power Query Resources you can not miss

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We have a video and a blog for you this week covering different aspects and skill levels of Excel & Power Query. Only 2 resources instead of the regular 3 we have been sending out. I hope you enjoy reading or watching this week's content and I hope to see you engage on the posts.

Video - Power Query

Remove unwanted rows of data using Power Query for Excel or Power BI

There are often times when a dataset in Excel or Power BI includes rows of data that you do not need. Rows such as unwanted headers, totals, and subtotals. In this video you will learn how to use Power Query to removed unwanted rows of data from your data set in Excel or Power BI.

Article - Excel

In this article, we are going to look at the five most common types of Spreadsheet risk. If there are risks there are also ways to control them. So we will also look at some simple controls you can put in place to minimize these risks.
Learn and Earn Activities

Here at The Excel Club we offer something truly unique. A chance to earn tokens while you learn. This week is the first week we have published a DAX learn and earn activity to add to our library. You can find out more about our learn and earn activities here. https://theexcelclub.com/learn-and-earn-steem-activities/

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