My top Excel Blog Posts of 2020

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2020 is coming close to an end and it has probably been a year most of us are happy to say goodbye to. However, even with all the ongoings, I still feel like I have a lot to celebrate. The Excel Club blog has grown from strength to strength and thanks to you, I have seen a 92% increase in traffic to my blog this year. Thank YOU. Woot………it’s a massive achievement.

This year I published 25 Excel and Excel Related articles. From these 25 articles the most popular, based on your total views are (in reverse order)

Top Excel Blog posts published in 2020.

  1. Women in Excel you need to be following.
  2. Data Profiling views in Power Query (Excel and Power BI)
  3. DAX LOOKUPVALUE – Power BI and Excel Power Pivot
  4. 9 Tips for Power BI users
  5. Learn how to fix totals and subtotals in DAX
  6. How to connect Excel to Coinmarketcap API
  7. 6 DAX tips for Excel and Power BI users
  8. Why and how to keep dimensions and facts tables separate – DAX modeling.
  9. DAX AND OR IN or syntax (&& ||) – Which one?
  10. The Ultimate Guide – Compare two lists or datasets in Excel.

Because I love data, and obviously Excel and Excel Power Tools, with a little more analysis I am also sharing with you my overall top Excel Blog posts of 2020. Most of these blog posts have been around for over a year. In fact, there are only 2 posts that make both lists. It's awesome to see so much of my content valued and viewed by all of you.

Top Excel Blog Posts of All time

  1. How to connect Excel to Coinmarketcap API
  2. Tips for Analyzing Categorical Data in Excel
  3. Ultimate Guide – Compare two lists or datasets in Excel
  4. Looking up and Combining text using TEXTJOIN and Array IF Statements.
  5. How to carry out a VLOOKUP within Text in Excel
  6. Learn how to Group Data in Excel and use Subtotals
  7. Easy Excel Solutions: Power Pivot Many to Many Relationships
  8. DAX SUM and SUMX Functions
  9. DAX COUNT and COUNTX – Impact of Using Measures V’s Calculated Columns
  10. How to Parse Custom JSON Data using Excel

So which article is your favorite? Did it make the list? Comment below and let me know and I hope you will also consider sharing this article as it has been your shares and your likes and comments that helped me achieve the growth I had in 2020.

Roll on 2021.

Much love
Paula Guilfoyle CPA MVP

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