STOP negotiating with EVIL!

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Stop negotiating with evil, soulless or demonic beings. Your job is to DEFEAT them, not to get along with them.

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It is interesting that the Health Ranger tells us not to negotiate with evil and then he negotiates with evil by acquiescing to followers of Catholicism. He rails against institutional programming and then says that most Catholics are good people and most churches are good places.

The Catholic Church, and churches in general, are social programming organizations. The inner self and life experience of the human are overwritten by the philosophy and worldview of biblical scripture interpreted by the pastor or church hierarchy. Humans have the innate ability to naturally learn from their life experience and use that learning to determine their personal philosophy. Having that innate mechanism (which allows maturing or epigenesis) overwritten by the church or leftist ideology is nothing but brainwashing and turning people into herd animals.

Without the freedom to be ourselves, the social ecosystem does not evolve properly with changes in technology and the environment. That is why we call censorship "oppression". The trajectory of social evolution is "oppressed" by people who think they know better than that force that we call the "Holy Spirit" or "God".

Why do we assume that some people are incapable of spiritual maturation? It is not an easy road and a lot of people seem to be unable to change their viewpoints without "insanity" kicking in, at least for a little while. Perhaps the psychiatric establishment is part of the social oppression mechanism. If a person lets go of the views that have been handed down and goes their own way, just for a little while, the herd is programmed to attack and drug them. This is social control by fear.

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