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Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world covering 9,984,670 Square KM and spans over 5,000 KM from it’s Atlantic to Pacific shores. For those wondering, that’s over 6 million steps from east to west if you go in a straight line! [More Interesting Facts About Canada]

The day was April 12, 1980. Terry Fox, one of my heroes as a child, dipped his prosthetic leg in the Atlantic Ocean. He was setting out to run across Canada! His mission; To raise awareness and money for people, just like himself, in their fight against cancer. His goal was to raise $1 for every Canadian. (24 million dollars)

Rising early each morning Terry ran the distance of a marathon (42 KM / 26 Miles) every day. He didn’t let the pain of his amputated leg stop him from taking the next step… and the one after that. With pure grit and determination, days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months. Terry didn’t give up. He kept on going. As he went, he thought about the people he had met who were fighting for their lives.

Stepping his way along through cities and countryside it wasn’t until he had nearly reached Thunder Bay, Ontario, that things took a turn for the worse. Terry was experiencing difficulty breathing and it was found that the cancer in his amputated knee had spread to his lungs forcing him to stop. He had run an amazing distance of 5,373 KM (3339 Miles) in 143 days and inspired the admiration and affection of the entire country.

Terry Fox passed away 9 months later on June 28, 1981. He was the youngest person, at age 22, to receive the Order of Canada. An award that recognizes outstanding achievement and dedication to the service of Canadian’s. His courage ignited and touched people’s hearts across the country. Together the people of Canada donated a total of $24 million (1 dollar for every Canadian) to further cancer research and support those suffering from this terrible disease.

Terry Fox’s legacy continues even to this day. People every year organize runs in his memory to raise money in the fight against cancer. Over $750 million in funding has been raised, as of yet, by participants all around the world.


In remembrance of Terry Fox, I will be continuing in his foot steps. Every Tuesday I will add up the previous week’s steps (tracked with the @Actifit app) and tabulate them on a virtual trek across Canada. It is my goal to raise 1 Steem for every virtual step I take across Canada (11,412,500 Steps/9,130 kms) to be donated directly to the Terry Fox Foundation .


Featuring my highest earning @Actifit post from the previous week (along with one other persons @Actifit post) I will personally donate the Steem and AFIT Token amounts (from both added together) to the @EveryStepCounts account.

STEEM: Calculations will be made by dividing EACH of the above selected post’s payouts by the Current Price of Steem and adding them together for a TOTAL donation amount.

All of the above calculated Steem will then be transferred to the @EveryStepCounts account for accumulation and will be donated directly to the Terry Fox Foundation upon reaching set units of $100 US value.

AFIT: Until transfer capabilities are utilized, all AFIT Token amounts collected from BOTH of the above post’s will be tracked for eventual transfer to the @EveryStepCounts account. When the time comes, these AFIT Tokens will be utilized to support those fighting cancer here on the Steem Block Chain.

All donation receipts to the Terry Fox Foundation will be posted to the @EveryStepCounts account for future reference and Proof of Donation.


If you would like to join me in this initiative to make #EveryStepCount towards the fight against cancer you can come along with me as I follow in Terry Fox’s foot steps each week.

Every Tuesday I will post an update as to my virtual progress across Canada. Included will be an update on how much Steem I raise for direct donations to the Terry Fox Foundation . A tally of all the AFIT Tokens raised to allocate to the @EveryStepCounts account will also be provided each week. It is my goal to utilize these AFIT Tokens to directly support those among us fighting cancer here on the Steem Block Chain.

Is there anyone you know who is fighting cancer right now? Then maybe together we can help them… Even if it’s a small step at first, I believe it is a step in the right direction and I think that Terry Fox would think so as well. The cure to cancer could be just around the next corner.

Please consider supporting in one or more of the following ways:
• Upvote & re-steem this post.
• Engage & encourage with comments on this post.
• Include photos of the virtual locations I visit as I step across Canada!
• Follow along! @wil.metcalfe @EveryStepCounts

More ways that you can support this initiative:
• Donate Steem/AFIT Tokens earned from one of your @Actifit posts to the @EveryStepCounts account. Hashtag your post with the #MarathonOfHope and the #EveryStepCounts hashtags.
• Donate Steem to the @EveryStepCounts account.
• Delegate Steem Power to the @EveryStepCounts account to be used to support people fighting cancer here on the Steem Block Chain.
• Donate dollars directly to the Terry Fox Foundation .



Where in the world are you from?

We are all in this together right? Cancer affects 17 million new people worldwide every year according to Cancer Research UK. This is why it is important that we all collectively join together to beat this disease once and for all!

Every year in over 40 countries, a run in Terry Fox’s name is being organized with over 750 million dollars being donated to cancer research so far! Would you like to virtually step across your own country to raise awareness and funding for the fight against cancer? Or maybe you would like to join me as I step across Canada! Then I would LOVE to hear from you!


Fitness Entrepreneur
Certified Personal Trainer




Thank you for taking the time to read about and support this initiative.


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