Everyday Crazy Podcast Season 1 Episode 2 - The Craft EVERYTHING Movement

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Everyday Crazy is a regular weekly podcast with new episodes every Wednesday. Check out the podcast episode on Anchor FM (www.anchor.fm) or download the Anchor app on your iPhone or Android device and look for the Everyday Crazy podcast. Be sure to Subscribe, Rate and Review the podcast so you can do your part to make certain LP is not suitable to hold public office.

Also don't forget to check out the companion playlist on Spotify. The link for the companion playlist is in the show notes. It’s punk rock, satire and comedy just the way nature intended.

On Anchor FM, you even leave me a voice message. You never know, but it could be featured on an upcoming show.

Everyday Crazy Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 - The Craft EVERYTHING Movement

Hand Crafted, Single Origin, Health Halos and the bullshit euphemisms of modern marketing merging with the “craft” everything movement. I assure you, our artisan, single-source, sommeliers are connoisseurs of bullshit and have curated only the finest euphemistic “craft” flim-flam for this episode.


Spotify Companion Playlist for Everyday Crazy Season 1 Episode 2


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Fuck you LPFaust. Have an engagement!

@klye I'm very disappointed your engagement didn't include the drawing of a penis. Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

Bahahaha. Perhaps I need to draw more dicks.

My best friend back home @luthvarian is a crafter of weird shiz. She once crocheted men's briefs before. She's made far stranger things but it might be too out there for the block chain

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@sunravelme crocheted men's briefs? I would say that's probably a niche product even for the blockchain. That being said the shift toward craft products, while creating some very cool markets for people to earn a living doing some very artisan things, feels like it's shifting to a place that's a bit off the rails. Recently I was watching a video on aged steaks, and now the new craft trend is butter aged steaks - basically taking a steak, immersing it in a block of butter and aging it for like 3 months.

At any rate, thanks for the listen and share - it makes the 10-16 hours it takes to develop each episode worth it. I appreciate it.

You want engagement? Fuck you, have an upvote.

@r0ndon your sweet words of encouragement mean so much. Fuck you to. It's like something out of Idiocracy.

Go away... 'bating.

I like your new show! Your storytelling is great! I'll tell you one thing though, when it comes to the taste of coffee, all you need to know is whether or not it's Robusta or Arabica. Robusta is that Folger's bullshit that tastes like burnt tire rubber. Arabica is the good stuff, and if you don't think it's good, it's either too strong or needs more cream and sugar. Adopt that mindset, and it might change your coffee experience. You don't want too much cream or sugar for the perfect cup, but not enough won't' do either. It all comes down to the water dilution if you don't want to add extras, and also want a good tasting cuppa.

@thoughts-in-time thanks for taking the time to check out the podcast and commenting. I appreciate it.

I have been toying with the idea of a podcast for some time, and I always envisioned it as a natural extension of my show on MSP Waves (Joculation) - but I wanted it to be somewhat different and unique. My show on MSP is not broadcast during an easy time for many to join, so now I figure they can take a piece of LP in their pocket to enjoy when they can.

In terms of coffee, Kona is by far my favorite and I always keep it black. Polluting the coffee with cream and sugar is such a desecration, but I've come to that over time. I suppose as one ages, we gradually lose the frills and pomp of youth.

I hope you'll be able to join the live broadcast on MSP Waves tomorrow evening. Thanks again for the engagement.

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