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We've been hacked, exploited, left in the dark a little, and yet no one seems to really care.


Because this sites too good to let die!

The last 48 hours have been a battle for Steemers with all sorts of kooky posts popping up, including a couple from myself. A lot of hatred has also been seen floating around. However, the quick responses to these kinds of posts have been on point.

With Steemit "kings" and "queens" addressing posts like Moderators, using their Steem Power for the greater good, it's given all of us new users more hope than we ever had before about how bright the future really is for Steemit.

Although these Moderators/Curators have been holding down the fort, responses from Developers has been slow, and not for lack of trying. We need to understand, myself included, that this site is still in development and the Developers themselves are working around the clock to do just that. A hack at this time, I imagine, would've set back months of work.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Developers for what we have and the hard work that they do behind the scenes. We are extremely grateful that a platform like this now exists.

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One more thing; please restore the link for the Politics topic section!? @ned @dan @steemit


We were not really left in the dark. They were really open about it and even said they would reimburse anyone. That was admirable.

Indeed, very admirable, but we still don't know what's happening now do we? There hasn't been anywhere for us to follow live updates. That would be nice.

There are a lot of things I'd like to see. It is still in beta. I'd like to see notices when I've received a reply, better filtering on posts that is customizable by preference, and it'd be nice if saying FOLLOW on someone's profile actually did something. :) It's still in beta so at this point we can point out bugs and make suggestions. When it is no longer in beta and we see problems, that is when we can start pushing our WTFs.

Oath. I'd like to see a friends button or group section. I'm sure they're working around the clock to get these things done. Remember when Facebook first popped up, it looked like absolute garbage and had barely any immersion for uses. The future here is even brighter than in the land of Zuckerberg-fairies

Yeah, if they can nail features this will flatten any social media on the market at the moment.

It's so true. It's because we are believers.

I feel we need some witty pun that fuses both the word; Believers and Steemers. But the best I came up with is Beleemers and that sounds like a Fascist group of Bulimics..

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