Everipedia - a "wiki" powered by blockchain

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"Contrary to other wiki sites, Everipedia allows anyone to create a page about any person, place, organization, or thing and populate it with interesting, relevant reference links/sources," writes the platform FAQ page.

Participants in the network self-govern the platform and earn IQ tokens - Everipedia's cryptocurrency​ - by curating and submitting content within the database.

So basically it is a kind of Wikipedia, but rewards those who contribute.

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It's a pretty neat idea.. though the fact that it is staking based raises questions of centralization. A few whales with a vast stake of IQ could basically collude to, in all effect, take over the site.

The same could happen on steemit. Like.. imagine if a group of whales went around downvote killing the accounts of political dissidents, etc.

I feel like pow and pos are equally vulnerable to being conquered by the rich.

Maybe xrp consensus is the way? I dunno

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Actually the same is happening on steem ;-)