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An infinite slender perennial plant. The leaves are hairy and are on either side of the stem. Leaves unequal, ovate and elongate, the nozzle thick. The leaves have white spots. One type of aroma is found when the infinite root is broken and dried. Flowering occurs in May and ripening in September. The flowers of the evergreen flower are leafy, the petals long and spear-shaped. Fruits and seeds flattened, oval and wilted.

Useful Parts: -

The stem

No matter how part is used:-

  • Inflammatory bites with cow's milk are beneficial in stone diseases.
  • When infused with a little honey in an infinite bait, the boil is baked and burst.
  • When a wound is formed in the tongue, the infected sheep is healed by biting it with milk.
  • Benefits of drinking water with infectious bats in respiratory disease or cough.
  • If the digestive tract is increased, maturity increases and hunger grows by playing the Qatha of the infinite root.
  • If you have the taste of eternal root, then you will play with honey and the taste will go away.
  • If you have ambaat, you can benefit from playing or playing on the path of eternal origin.
  • When milk is low in the breast of the woman, the quantity of milk increases with the eating of the root of infinity.
  • If the blood is supplied with the infinite root honey, it will be better to give blood.
  • If there is a loss of sense energy or roti energy, playing with infinite honey can be beneficial.

My request is to keep the evergreen tree at home.


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