My Evergreen Playlist: Have you ever really loved a woman?

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My Evergreen playlist track for today is titled Have you ever really loved a woman by Bryan Adams. This song was released in 1995 and was at Number 1 for 5 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States.
I Feel Blessed!

It takes understanding to really love a woman and to have her love you back. Love is what we all should be associated with but the love that is pegged to intimate relationships is far more complex than the regular agape love. A woman needs to be loved so she is not seen as being alone and without a place in the heart of her man.
During a couples seminar some time ago, the speaker talked about how society is playing a vital role in ensuring women are getting inadequate love from their spouses who think that the minute they can provide her with food and shelter, she will be fine. The woman needs love too you know, and when she isn't getting it, she will be miserable and sad.
We must give as much as we expect to receive and never make anyone who intimately loves us suffer for being that much in love with us.
Have you truly ever really loved a woman???

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You really have a thing for 90s music. No surprises though, those were golden times


The 90s was the last of the golden years in music. I practically grew up living my life like a lyric.
Stay awesome!

A very good morning my friend @ejemai, how are you and hope you slept well..
Every woman needs love, everyone needs love, you need love and so do I but what happens to us after we've given our all to a woman and not been loved back in return.


There is someone out there for everyone. I am not saying you will be treated exactly the way you treat someone, but I am sure when you find that woman she will love you right back.
Stay awesome!

Yeah, I've truly ever loved a woman and I'm still loving one presently. Lol. Though most women of this generation don't believe that a person truly loves them until that person is able to demonstrate that love materially. Yes, I know that there can be no love without giving, but equating Giving to love is very wrong. That's why most of them get played and are being taken for granted. If a man can truly give his heart to a woman, he can give her any other thing. But most young women of this generation see it the other way. Most of them don't actually understand what love is. It takes a woman that understand love to appreciate love.


There is no greater joy a man will know of he finds his woman. Love is not materialistic but it is a shame it has been designed to look and feel that way.
Society is responsible for the materialistic perception of love. Some are told to stay away from "poor" people and throw aside love, afterall, na who love epp?
Since you have that woman you really truly love, stay with her and never let go.
Stay awesome!


The current perception of the society regarding love is putting so much pressure on us, men. Sometimes, our women hardly appreciate the little we're giving because they're seeing what their friends are getting and it's making some of them behave badly at times. Though we're trying our best sha. Thanks.

Reading this warmed my heart. Cheers sir