Cocoa Tea -Feeling IRIE Japan Tour 2019

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Many Jamaican entertainers pass through Japan every year. Sometimes you don’t even realize until they already left as it is mainly underground club events and not festivals.

I will post up tour flyers from Japan so you all can get an idea of whatagwaaan over yah.

Cocoa tea will be touring the island from October 11th-22nd with stops in Tokyo, Osaka, Ibaraki, Fukui, Murioka, Hyogo, Hiroshima and Aichi.

So as you can see Cocoa Tea will be around a good portion of the island. Reggae is alive in Japan.

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For real, I wonder what Jamaican entertainers have to do with Japan...what do they go there for?

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Hey, they do shows and cut dub plates a lot of reggae events this side. Japan is the 3rd biggest market for reggae music after USA and UK.

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Wow for reeeaal! I did not know that, thats very interesting...would look more into it...we learn everyday

Shoes >> shows
Yeah man! I am learning a lot here too, believe me.

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I just added Japan to my list of "must visit".

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