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Hello Steemians!

We picked top 5 blockchain events for you for this week (Nov 6, 2017 - Nov 12, 2017). Let us know which of them you like and where you'd like to go in the comment section below!

1.London Blockchain & Energy Summit 2017

Energy is one of the sectors that stands to gain a lot (and fast) from Blockchain. A lot has changed in the past few months with ICO's and Token Distributions really taking off. Format is fast-paced and has plenty of networking time built in.

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2. 2nd Annual London Fintech Security Summit

Fintech meets Cyber Security. If you work with financial data you already know the importance of security. Improved technology brings new risks and rewards. Find out how the industry will change over the next few years and hear directly from the people creating the new landscape.

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3. 2nd Annual Blockchain Conference Hong Kong

The original Blockchain Conference is back in Hong Kong. The aim is to bring senior figures in finance, tech, government, venture capital and start-ups into a room and discuss Blockchain/DLT beyond Bitcoincan.

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4.  Blockchain Legal Investments Forum

The purpose of this event is to evaluate international experience in blockchain industry, find new ways of its application also in rapidly developing Monaco. A number of advanced startups will be presented at the Forum. One of them has received a grant from Enterprise Ireland this year.

5. Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference in Tokyo

Blockchain Labo is holding the first blockchain conference in Tokyo. Experts from different countries will share their experience of implementing Blockchain, development and what happens next. Newly formed cryptocurrency companies will share their projects and investment opportunities.

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