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Hello Steemians!

We picked top 5 blockchain events for you for this week (Jan 29, 2018 - Feb 4, 2018). Let us know which of them you like and where you'd like to go in the comment section below!

 1.Crypto Economy World Tour Amsterdam 

29-30 Jan. 2018 – Amsterdam, Netherlands  

The amount of adherent of decentralization is growing up, hurry up and become a part of it now at Crypto Economy World Tour Amsterdam. The conference is intended to attract a lot of investors and connect them with interesting projects of the cryptocurrency world. If you want to know how to plan a successful ICO, you can visit this event and get knowledge that is needed. 

 2.Blockchain for SCF Masterclass 

30 Jan. 2018 - Frankfurt, Germany 

It will be useful workshop, which will show future perspectives of blockchain technologies. The masterclass will gather people that want to know how to choose a right way in the thorny world of blockchain. This event can help you to get actual information, which will help to improve your business.  

3. NEO DevCon 

30-31 Jan. 2018 - San Francisco, CA

This conference will be organized by Neo Smart Economy. It will bring NEO community together and will be a perfect place to present innovative ideas and projects. Join this event to learn about the existing and upcoming NEO based projects and meet leading developers from different parts of the world.

 4. Paris Fintech Forum 

30-31 Jan. 2018 – Paris, France  

More than 200 speakers and 2000+ delegates from 45+ countries are going to take part in Paris Fintech Forum, which will take place on January 30th-31st. It will be the largest fintech event of this month. The schedule of this event is very intensive and a work flow will be interesting and profitable. 

5. Blockchain Economic Forum 2018 

4-6 Feb. 2018 – Singapore 

Blockchain Economic Forum 2018 will be held in Singapore on February 4th-8th. Leaders of the new economy will represent a huge amount of ideas. Schedule of the event makes perfect correlation of work and rest time. It will be a great opportunity to find new ideas and realize them in real life.   

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