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Hello Steemians!We picked top 5 blockchain events for you for this week (Jan 22, 2018 - Jan 28, 2018). Let us know which of them you like and where you'd like to go in the comment section below!

1.   Crypto Funding Summit

 24-25 JAN. 2018 – Los Angeles, USA  

It will be a great place to cooperate with blockchain enthusiast, crypto hedge funds, crypto investors and ICO projects from all over the world. It is difficult to select the right cryptocurrency for investments. Usman Majeed, who is a managing director of Mutual Coin Fund, will talk about this in Crypto Funding Summit.

 2. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Philippines 

25 Jan. 2018 - Manila, Philippines 

This conference will gather experts of the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technologies from different countries to share their practical experience of implementation of blockchain into different spheres, such as banking, media and healthcare. At the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference visitors will be able to discuss a complete way of developing innovative IT startups.   

3. Blockchain Connect Conference 

26 Jan. 2018 San Francisco, USA 

According to expert’s forecasts, Chine and the US will set the tone for the future development of blockchain technologies. Blockchain Connect Conference will be the first event that is intended to explore perspectives of Chine-US cooperation. The Conference will bring together over 1000 people, who are interested in the blockchain future.  

4.   The Leading Conference On Decentralization 

27-30 Jan. 2018 Cayman Islands 

Useful speeches and interesting discussions about blockchain overlap with unforgettable tropical nature at the Leading Conference on Decentralization. Visiting of it will make your three days profitable and relaxing. Explore the future of blockchain and fintech in combination with a tropical vacation.  

5.  World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 

27 Jan. 2018 – Moscow, Russia 

The International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain initiate World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit, which will be held in World Trade Center. A lot of useful talks will provide visitors with the latest information, forecasts and analytics.   

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