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I have these great ideas for what the future could be. My favorite is daydreaming about how new and disruptive technologies will be in the future. One I thought of a while ago was a trailer for electric cars. The trailer would have a batery to extend the range for a long trip. I imagine batery packs on trailers could be rented out and once depleted dropped at the "gas" station, and replaced with a new one to continue on with the trip. Of course I believe a good electric car trip should have a 30 minute stop to quick charge the car while stretching and getting a bite to eat. In addition to the battery the trailer could have a camper or storage. I see electric vehicles being used more than just transportation but as back up batteries for power grids or houses. Electric vehicles will be the new near future form of transportation so to solve the need for the few times you need to travel more than 100-200 miles, an extra battery would be a good way to extend the range of the vehicle.

Aperently someone else has already thought of it and it is much better than my idea. Enter the concept camper for electric vehicles by a German RV company called Dethleff.




The camper has a 80 kWh battery located on the bottom of the camper. Two electric motors built into the axle to help with the range. The best part is the concept trailer is going to be designed to provide electric storage.

they also plan for the battery pack to be used as a home energy storage system, which is ideal since most campers are only being used for a few months out of the year.


This makes your recreation vehicle which is usually used less than 30 days out of the year a good investment. I am jealous of people who have a large RV with a price tag rivaling a modest house. Unless you are spending months at a time on vacation. I see the cost of the RV as a fancy small house next to big real house ~95 percent of the time. With the 80 kWh battery, the camper would act as a backup battery storage to be used on peak hours to avoid higher electricity rates or to provide energy when you can't produce electricity if you live off-grid. The company has not tested it out on the road yet and it looks like they have some more cool ideas to add.

Thanks for reading.


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