The story of Euro

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As soon as I entered this fascinating world I was looked upon with great expectations. The world was full of racism yet I was held in high esteem. People from the United States of America to Antartica looked at me as I soon rolled out from the parentage of Europeans. Since economists, raging bulls and bears did not know much about me, I caught the apprehension of my parents, the share market holders, the financial experts, scholars, students and so on. On my birth, I was placed on the lap of my mother the Federal Bank.


Frankly, my brother lira, my sister sterling and my extended family members like the Deutsche Mark and the Yen were quite jealous of me. I know my worth. I reveal this secret of mine. I am a form of money held or traded outside the country, in whose currency its value is stated. In future, I would be globally acceptable by the members of all the nations.
I now take pride of place in the Euromarket, a financial market which deals with European currencies. I do not want to roll over but I'd love to be accepted by developing as well as underdeveloped nations.


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That a is nice story thanks, for posting it I had not read this before.

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