EUNO· Q1 2019 Update

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Here we are at the end of Q1 2019 and the EUNO· team has blazed through the road map continuing to deliver!

For Q1 we have completed the following roadmap items:

  1. Android Mobile Wallet - Our development team has completed an Alpha release of the Android Mobile wallet, which is now going through User Acceptance Test, Stress Test, and End-to-End Testing. Once fully validated the mobile wallet will be released to the public.

  2. Secure Legal Opinion - Legal opinion was secured in January 2019, and EUNO· passed the HOWEY test. We are on deck for a major exchange!

  3. Paper Wallet - The Paper Wallet app has been released and can be found on the Euno website. Link:

  4. Governance Voting Portal - Complete! All MN holders once registered have access to see proposals, create proposals, and vote on the future of EUNO·.

  5. New Website with Detailed team info - New website is online and details all things EUNO·... but we aren't done so stay tuned!

  6. Increase brand recognition - EUNO· PAY is on the way. We are everywhere EUNO·!

  7. New Core Team Member - EUNO·verse welcome our newest team member Arjan, developer! He has already made significant impact as the creator of the Governance Web Portal and Paper Wallet. He continues to shine and is worth his weight in EUNO·!

  8. The EUNO· Core Team made Youtube history for a project with a combined 20+ users live for an online meet and great. Link:

So as you can see we are busy, we are developing, we are active, we are EUNO·!

Visit us @: EUNO.CO
Join us on telegram: @EUNOofficial

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