Video and Pics of some offroad electric unicycling (EUC) riding

in #euc21 days ago

I hope you like this video, I took a bunch of footage on some recent electric unicycle (EUC) rides and put this together. I strictly do offroading, no pavement for me thanks, and of course I've always seeking some scenery and epic trails to ride. This shows a few of them.

And here are a few screenshots from those rides and others while out ripping up the trails.

Epic river spot for a solo pic of the Kingsong S18 EUC.

Yup, that's full suspension there, well, it only take one on a uni.

Concentrate, concentrate.... Don't want to fall and have the EUC tumbling down this slope.

Sweet trail along the river....

Sunset skies.

Nearly impossible slipperly slopes on my crappy street tire.

oh ya...


Another whoops.. haha

Hope you enjoyed the video and pics. Until next time!

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