Feedback from the OTG and Keyboard giveaway contest..

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Rewards are good but are better when well utilized. Feedback is very essential if anyone must be able to ascertain true value or progress of whatever He/she is doing or whatever an organization is doing.
Don't think you're making progress without the feedback from your audience customers or participants.

The essence of this post is a review of the feedback gotten from the 7 (seven) winners of OTG and keyboards contest which was organised by @prettyjules158 and @juli1 and proudly sponsored by my boss @eturnerx on behalf of reachout community 3 months ago.
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What was needed was a sincere and honest answers on the items they got 3 months ago.
Names of these amazing winners of OTG and Keyboards emerged in our give away reachout community contest.

The winners were @Jo5h @mapens @iamthegray @starbelle @bafspotlight @oshiokhenhoya @Olusolaemmamuel.

However, we are doing a review to ascertain/know the benefit of the OTG and keyboards to the winners of the contest.

Furthermore, we didn't want ambiguous answers we really wanted sincere answers from each participant to be sure of a real assessment.

Here are the answers:

1. Feedback response from @starbelle...
I'd be as sincere as much as I can about the devices (OTG and Keyboard) I was gifted a few months ago. I use the keyboard very often just like I indicated in my gratification post that my system keyboard is bad. The keyboard came my way as an alternative which I use to type almost all my reports at work. It's been so helpful but the letter 'C' keypad got bad. As for the OTG, I do not use it often because I'm yet to get a suitable stand for my phone to enable me make use of it better.
My question: did you stopped using the keyboard because the letter "C" got bad?
Her response: nope am still making use of it.

Thanks for your response @starbelle

2. Feedback response from @mapens....

I still use the otg cable. It's very useful to me because it links my android to any electronic device that has a USB interface, ranging from flash drives, flats screen TV's, printers, even my Numark mix track pro DJ controller. I no longer use the keyboard. I have a laptop, with a functional backlit keyboard which I prefer over any external keyboard... Secondly, I don't fancy typing on my android phone with an external keyboard. My keyboard app (Swiftkey) gives room for flowing which makes typing on it almost 2 times faster than using an external keyboard.
I still cherish my otg cable, but since I have little or no use for the keyboard, I gave it out to a colleague who makes daily and appropriate use of it...

Thanks for your reply @mapens.

3. Feedback response from @bafspotlight....

The truth is the OTG is good, I use it to transfer files from my flash and vice versa. But the keyboard didn't really connect well with my phone. Using the phone keypad is considered faster than using the keypad due to lack of pointer control.
Also, most people don't use desktops these days and may not find any use of the keyboard.
The keyboard is still in my room, and I haven't made use of it hopefully I'll someday.

In summary the give away is still very much appreciated by me sincerely. I still have both the OTG and the keyboard. I still make use of both.

Thanks is for your response @bafspotlight

4: Feedback response from @Oshokhenhoya
I still have both the OTG and the keyboard, I still make use of both. On the usefulness of the OTG I use it to charge devices around me since my phone is a Techno L9plus and it can charge phones. I make use of it as a connector between my phone and the keyboard. I make use of it as a connector between my phone and the keyboard. I also use the OTG to connect my phone to a flash device. Since I can access things on my flash from my phone, I use it to send things to my system through Bluetooth or Xender. I also use it to watch movies that are on the flash and I must say it has been of help.

Thanks for your response @Oshokhenhoya...

5. Feedback response from @joh5
*I still use the otg... I'm a graphics designer and I do alot of printing. Each time I want to give my printers a job I have to go meet them somewhere and I really don't like carrying my laptop around. But with the OTG I simply put files on my phone and transfer to their flash when I see them. My phone came with an OTG but I misplaced it. It has really been very helpful. A friend even borrowed it once to use in his car. It's been helpful.
Thank you.
As for the keyboard, about three weeks after I got it, I got a very good price for a wireless keyboard which I bought, so I haven't really been using the one u gave me again. But before then it helped because my laptop keyboard is bad and I've been unable to get a replacement because its not a common laptop. I still use the OTG.

Thanks for your response @joh5

The feedback gets more interesting.......

6. Feedback response from @Olusolaemmamuel
Winning an otg and a keyboard has been a great joy to me. Typing with my phone has been boring, due to the fact that I do not own a laptop. Typing has been like a heavy job, sitting with my phone a typing word of about 1000 + daily on my blog has not been easy. Although I have never thought of buying an otg and a keyboard, but have been saving my money to buy a good laptop. I was lucky to come across the contest post which the requirements were simple a straight. Winning that particular prize has been my highest gift ever gotten as a member of steemit, once again thanks to the organizer.

The otg and the keyboard has helped me in making my typing using my phone easier. It makes my typing more fast than before, I always feel on top of the world when I use it. Thanks The last feedback is a bit interactive.
Nice one from @joh5

7. Feedback response from @iamgray A friend took the OTG He uses it to charge his phone.
I asked why did u give it your a friend, it was not important to you?

His reply The OTG is important But I don't use the keyboard with my phone. Plus, he's a friend. The keyboard is with me.

I asked: What do u use the keyboard for?

His reply: I use the keyboard with my laptop. It's just that the spread is different from that of my laptop keyboard.

From me interesting....

I asked if we are to organize, another contest for same give away will you apply?

His reply: For a keyboard and OTG? Nah I don't mind a speaker or power bank or even a smaller android phone.

From me write in details for me, why u will want a power bank.

His reply.....Because I stay in Ife, you don't get power regularly. And when you do, its been interrupted at the slightest sign of rainfall. And after the rain, you have to wait hours they claim they have too sun-dry the wires.
Oh well interesting thanks for your response @iamthegray.

Oh that's funny, I replied.

Here are the replies I got from the 7 winners..

My conclusion from the replies I got from the winners, was that the gadget distributed to this 7 winners actually served their purpose.
But If there's going to be a contest, it definitely going to be something diff:
Thank you @eturnerx for reaching out.

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Thanks for organising this write up @prettyjules158 and to tbe particpants for providing their feedback. Very useful!


It feels good giving a feedback for your great contest. You are welcome friend.


Thank you boss.

Wow, what a great contest, and congratulations to all winners, but would suggest your giveaway contest should be a 20,000 mah POWER BANK or 32GB FLASH DRIVE OR MEMORY CARD.
Just a suggestion thou..

Nice one organizer


will that be enough, why not request for a generator.

I love how you help yourself, I believe that the spirit of collaboration that accompanies you is a great strength to move forward. That's why I like to read you.


Thanks so much ma’am.

Wow, i wasn't aware of this sef, Incase of any other contest please do let me dear.


That was long ago dear.


Okay sweety

A very special competition
I really bless you a very successful and sophisticated person

Wow good to see sincere and lovely feedback from other winners too. God bless you @prettyjules158 & @eturnerx for the contest


Thanks man.

@prettyjules158, i love the work you guys are doing but what am i suppose to do in order to win some of these rewards. Any help?


Watch out for another contest.

It really pain me i missed such great contest like this


Another will come up soon.

Great work you guys are doing

Wow what a great contest

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