Etsy vs Shopify vs Zazzle (Review)

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I'm using Shopify + Printful (instead of Etsy or Zazzle) to set up an online merchandise store.

Here's why I chose to use Shopify/Printful over the other options:

Etsy: This is more like a storefront rather than a manufacturing service. Any products I sold on Etsy would have to be created and shipping by me. This does not the passive income business model that I am after.

Zazzle: Print on Demand service that creates and ships the products to customers for you, but my store would have to be located on the Zazzle website. This prevents me from creating a brand. The production costs for the products on Zazzle were also far higher than other alternatives.

Shopify (with Printful): Print on Demand service that creates and ships the products to customers for you AND I will be able to make a store using my own website address (strengthening the brand I create). The production costs for creating products is also lower on Shopify than its competitors.

I'm going to start by solely creating T-Shirt designs. I'll then scale up my product range to include things such as hats, mugs and iPhone cases if I start to see success after promoting my designs with Facebook Advertising.


Must Have Software:

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You can set up an Etsy store with Printful.

I've been on Zazzle for several years and in the beginning sales were really good but it has dwindled over the last couple of years. That's why I'm looking at other options. Another reason is profit margin. As you said, Zazzle's base price is a little high.


Yeah. I think the whole industry is getting pretty saturated now.

In all honesty, I'm mainly using Amazon Merch at this point. No startup costs and a huge audience to potentially find your products.