Ethlyte Crypto Launches Community Video Contest

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Nov. 28, 2018 - EthLyte Crypto has officially open the first EthLyte Crypto Video Contest.

The contest is an opportunity to show your skills at making videos and sharing with your talented friends and contacts to win amazing prizes.
Click here for the Video Contest:

Here's the YouTube video about the Contest and Awards:

(Please be sure to like , comment and share the video)

Video Contest Categories and Prizes:
The First ETLYTE Video Contest includes Awards and Prizes for:
Best EthLyte Crypto comedy video category
Best EthLyte Crypto motivational video award
Best EthLyte Crypto collaborative video award
Each of the Three Video Categories listed above will have 3 Prize Winners:
Top video wins 1,000 ETLYTE
2nd place 750 ETLYTE
3rd place 500 ETLYTE

For all the details about EthLyte Crypto, please see the website including the new product line.

If you're looking to purchase EthLyte Crypto during the crowdsale, then please be sure to buy your tokens securely online via this link:

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