Some of the Crypto's that went crazy high in no time.

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Decemeber has been a wave of Altcoins, the way they pushed the bars even higher than our imaginations.

20 times, 30 times, 40 times and even 100 times has been the trend lately.

Let's see some of the crypto currencies which probably would have made you rich if you had invested just around 1000$ in the past six months.

Ethos / Bitquence : was sold at a mere 0.04 $ is now surpassed 10$.

Lets say if you had bought 1000$ worth of Ethos, that would be now : 250000$

Populous: ICO price was 0.25 USD, now it's trading at 43$.

That means your investment would have worth 172000$

ICON (ICX): ICO price was 0.10$ and now it's trading at 7.4$

Now the 1000$ investment would have turned to 74000$

Cardano: This little gem was just 0.0024$ during Presale. Now selling at 1.10$

That means, your investment of 1000$ would have fetched you a staggering 458333 $

It's never too late, still there are some gems among an ocean of Ico's this 2018.

Pick the right project with great vision, Team and uniqueness. You can always hit the jackpot.

Stay healthy, keep smiling and happy steeming.

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Great post, hope to see more cryptos shoot up this month!