$$$ Ethos(ETHOS)-- the revolution of crypto wallets and fiat ! Worth checking $$$

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I would like to pay your attention to ETHOS (BQX) - the Universal wallet.(Name changed from Bitquence).
Why Ethos?

  1. Enormous Pain Solution - no need to multi wallets and private keys
  2. Fiat secure getaway , fiat->crypto, and vice versa.(The main thing they are working on now is regulation)
  3. Your private exchange without need to deposit on any other exchanges (security, safe money on fees, easy, fast)
  4. Mobile app supporting
  5. Additional features ( easy tax report, predictions, ratings, reviews and more)
  6. API sharing of the multi wallet for any fiat platform...like Amazon, Ebay or anything else
  7. Very strong and growing community ( with them since ICO in July)
  8. Strong, professional and dedicated team, including CEO Shingo, who is a brilliant 19 years old guy
  9. The marketing is just about to start and the announcements on platform to arrive in Q1 2018
  10. Still didnt reach main exchanges (can be bought on Binance)
  11. The price prediction to 2018-2019 - 5$, 10$, to the moon). Now moving up....wait for the dip or buy now and accumulate more if it tanks.

Why token?!

The information is taken from the white paper( http://www.ethos.io/Ethos_Whitepaper.pdf ).

In short ETHOS Tokens will :
• Be the payment mechanism for accessing and using services on the Ethos platform
• Pay for transaction fees and API calls
• Enable liquidity to help with changes in user asset allocations
• Fuel a dynamic rewards and reputation system
• Enable users to transact with each other

However, ETHOS Tokens will NOT :
• Pay dividends or profits of any kind
• Enable holders to vote on company matters, or
• Control the company or imply ownership in any way

Other projects which similar to Ethos.
what is the difference between ETHOS to OMG or Lykky?
OmiseGo is already an established company in SE Asia and is trying to create a DEX where fiat and crypto fairs can be traded

and a universal wallet as well

The answer of Stephen Corliss to me(Global Strategy and Compliance).

I don’t see a lot of correlation between Omise and Ethos. We enable the unification of crypto and traditional assets while enriching the experience across finance and investment for both. Omise is in a different space in my view.
Omisego is primarily in the payments business. We are primarily in the finance and investment business and by default can also provide seamless payment capabilities. More coming in a second.
Ethos put the finance and the investments where omg doesn't

stephen corliss continue ..

Lykke is an Exchange. So, a potential source for our liquidity.

Worth checking?, please DYOR (do your own research) ??

Big thanks to Katrina.K for help with research!


Thank you for posting

This is definitively something I miss in my country Brazil, a multi wallet with support for our fiat Real

Super informative buddy. Looks like a great wallet to possess. How much does this cost ?
Regards Nainaz

תודה על ההמלצה!
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Thank you for the useful information

I have been keeping an eye on ethos for quite some time now and I believe this is a good project.
It might be up for a huge pump.

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Oh! My dear ,am much glad to have come across your post post. Wow! That's wonderful platform to partake in .Am ignorant of ethos platform existence before ,fortunately ,you have increase my horizon towards crpto and it's exchange platform. I will give it a try and follows you guys enjoy the platform. Thank you for adding value to my life ,I must appreciate. Merry Christmas

Need some to buy ETHOS.

There are so many projects nowadays. To be honest it's very hard to choose the best one in this phase. I believe thou, Ethos is a good one. I will check for more information about it.

yes....if is true.......

The idea itself is good . Ussualy it can be very painful to get cryptocurrencies including all those fees. If they do make what they have promised it might indeed help reducing costs and time needed for it .

Great post and good writing.

Thank you for sharing :)

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Do you think if the number of users go high on steem is there a chance of steem value going more than or equivalent to Bitcoin / other crytocurrency ??
I am totally new to this, like literally being my first day on Steemit & this being my very first reply/comment/question ?? kind of. What would you recommend your followers to do to make the most of it ??

Awaiting reply @amiramnoam . Cheers. Happy weekend. Well its Dubai so hell yeah its weekend.

wow, this is a nice information thanks for posting. i will love to know more about this ethos. maybe as time goes on

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Informative post

Seems like a great investment. Something I noticed is how all the other cryptos were going red last night except ETHOS

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Sounds interesting. I'm curious where will it go

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