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RE: EthLyte Crypto (EtLyteT) Wallet App & Airdrop Review

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Went there, read the white paper, browsed through the website, read the airdrop terms... I assume you're the same Yasha Harari leading the marketing for this project so I'll share with you my negative/constructive feedback and hope that you'll treat it as the later.
I didn't join the airdrop, because the whole thing just looks bad, aside from the homepage, everything looks amaturish, this is not a website ready for production, it screams crappy product. the content is also not convincing, the best thing about ethlyte, as it seems, is that there aren't many coins - anything else?
Language and copywriting lacks.. I do join in on shitty airdrops from time to time and give them a chance, but the website and airdrop letter were such a turnoff. I have no trust in it, I think saying things like:

If you do not join EthLyte on Telegram and be active there (comment regularly), you will not be paid!

allows this airdrop to not pay almost anyone.

I think your project is not well presented.

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