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Blockchain technology increasingly occupies more places in the world, just enough with a great idea and adapt it to the project. Decentralized operations are the future is able to adapt to the most complex project being completely transparent in transactions. On this occasion, he faces quality in loan processes. Requesting a loan from either the bank or a particular person can present problems when it comes to requesting or liquidating them, for multiple reasons such as difficult processes to request, insufficient funds or absent requirements, etc.

The era of the Blockchain came to make life easier from the simplest projects to a project that guarantees loans of cryptographic assets from person to person at very low rates, through a very simple process anywhere in the world, I speak of ETHLend.


EthLend has come to revolutionize the cryptographic markets thanks to its asset loan service. ETHLend is developed with blockchain technology and smart contracts to promote transparency of person-to-person transactions. ETHLend provides a unique service for crypt holders. Based on Ethereum, it allows BTC interoperability, the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world.

Minimum interest rate: Users place their own interest rate during the loan process, allowing to find the lowest rates. The loans can be from 0 - 12 months.
Security: The assets are in a decentralized platform that uses smart Ethereum contracts. The guarantee of the loans will only be delivered when the loan has been fully repaid.
Diversity: No matter where you are in the world, you can request your loan wherever you want.

The following press release describes how the company AAVE made its Bitcoin launch to its loan market based on Ethereum, Ethlend.

How to apply for a loan?

Step 1: First of all, you must register at ETHLend. Go to:

The registration process is very simple, in just 30 seconds you can register. Then you must log in to set up your wallet. (Be sure to save the backup phrases of your account)

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Step 2: Now, you must have installed in your browser the extension of MetaMask.

What is Metamask? It is an Ethereum wallet, which allows each DAPP to integrate Metamask directly into the application to make it easier for the user.


Taking it for granted that EthLend will use Metamask to process transactions.

Step 3: Once Metamask is successfully installed in your browser and you can see your account as the previous image, you must enter the following link to request your loan or create an offer:


You must have all the points in GREEN; If there is one in red, check the corresponding option and click RECHARGE. Otherwise, if all are green, check the box Terms and click LAUNCH.

Step 4: Finally, it will show you some options and choose the one you prefer.

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On the main page of Ethlend you can find a fantastic tool to calculate the loans and you can also quickly view the current offers that are active.

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ETHLEND Challenge

Ethelend has evolved rapidly in recent months and to celebrate this, they have launched a two-month challenge. If you use DAI to finance the loans ethelend will reward you with their LEND tokens, users can earn up to 50% of the fees charged. On the other hand, if you are a lender and use BTC to obtain a loan, you can also earn 50% of the fees in Tokens LEND.

You can find more information about this challenge by entering the following link:

This challenge ends on March 31 of this year, I hope you enjoy it.

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More information:


Disclaimer: The information contained in this post will not be taken as financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and none of your investments should be made based on the information presented here. The following information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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