Please explain.

The eye virus thing, globally. They get people sick with viruses. Then they use chemicals to melt the dead body in order to put them, the sludge, into the crops, in the United States for example, and Bill Gates has been patenting certain things, and it is a long story. But the goal is to get the viruses in even more crops which means it gets in the food and then more people begin dying. And then they come in as fake saviors to mandate federally that babies, children, and even adults get vaccinated. If only people knew what they put in those vaccines. So, I want to yell at Trump and tell Trump to stop these people and these things. So, I hate Trump when he is not trying harder and harder. From my perspective, I see things that Trump is not doing enough. So, of course Trump might be smarter than me. Trump has done some good things. The problem is that it might not be good enough. We may not have enough time. So, I do my best to educate people on what is happening in order to encourage people towards better choices for a brighter future and that is all I can do. As long as I'm trying my best to do all that I can do, then I don't need to regret any of those choices.