is not EtherZero: why we can do more?

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In a number of world media like NewsBTC the information that may be involved in creating a new network and currency named ETZ appeared. Our team officially denies any connection with the EtherZero project and the claimed hard fork.

At first glance, the EtherZero project really solves the needs of the internet community, but so far the facts do not speak in its favor. At the moment, the coin is traded only on the YoBit exchange and there is no way to test the announced blockchain in real conditions. Moreover, the project, which sets itself the task of creating a separate blockchain based on the Ethereum network, does not need to issue new tokens for one simple reason - during the fork a new currency is issued, and it can be requested by anyone who have funds on their balance at the time of the certain block.

Despite all this, cosiders the idea of ​​creating autonomous blockchain system interesting and most probably after successful launch of the fork will transfer the games to a new network in order to optimize current indicators and test network characteristics. The data obtained can be used to deploy the new blockchain space.

In real conditions, our team managed to reduce the average cost, spent by online casino for processing the game rate, from 10% to 0.5%. Now we set the further goals and consider the concept of creating a single game space with free transactions, high speed of in-game processes and a single currency that can be moved freely between players and even games. Moreover, the basis of the new structure can provide the tools can be created to connect gaming projects, as well as platforms that accept crypto currency as a means of payment.

The current characteristics of the Ethereum network don't allow to deploy such a project as efficiently as possible. As practice has shown, even in the conditions of periodic updates and forks in Ethereum, projects sooner or later face the same problem. This is a slow network with low performance, long latency and the high congestion of transactions. A viable gaming network that is resistant to vulnerabilities and is ready to cope with a high load can be created on the basis of Ethereum using the PoS algorithm. This will ensure the stable support of the infrastructure and its resistance to third-party attacks due to network support by the participants owning the allocated shares.

We understand that such a structure can be created with the mass support of partner projects around the world, so we invite game projects on the block to discuss and explore the possibility of developing a block, as well as network parameters that can meet the needs of the gaming community.

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