@brittuf i just sent 0.015 eth to the etherstocks jobby, hope that's enough? doesn't seem like much to me.. TxHash:0x6dd6f8d8dadbf6cf1b71f9d37c113e8bc3832b6a7805ee7838ff7f5e3bb1c4ca there's that if u need it? i have no idea tbh :)

how much do i need to put in to take any (the cheapest) one of those fancy cats off your hands?

what gen-2 or 3 do you want? I'm holding on to those fancies until we see how this china launch turns out. You'll be the first to know if I'm selling one of them.

cool, thanks mate! ermm don't mind which really then, one with rarer cattributes if poss please! are any of them likely to make any fancy ones? if so one of those please :D cheers! also am keen to put more into etherstocks if it means a larger return! got 0.18ish eth in me metamask if that helps?

had a wee lookski, could i have kitty #599189 please @brittuf?

wicked! thanks bro!