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Buy of the Day


The Buy of the Day on is EtherGoo Stock. EtherGOO is a fun game that is doing well. Check my previous post to see what its about . The Buy of the Day is a way to play and guarantee you won't get burned or dumped on. The whole community comes together and focuses on 1 featured stock. The community at EtherGOO will also be joining in on the stock by, so Buy now and get maximum dividends. Feel free to ask any questions on our Discord

Guess That Market Cap

Since EtherGoo is the Buy of the Day, we will also give you a chance to win a Gen-2 CryptoKitty, Gen-1 CryptoPuppy or 3 SBD. Currently the Market Cap of EtherGoo is 15.042 ETH .In approx. 12 Hours I will take record of the price. This will be the winning number. Closest guess to this balance without going UNDER, will win. So if its not going as high as you thought, you can make deposits to get closer to your guess. Remember we are doing closest without going UNDER so if your guess is under, its a guaranteed loss. So aim high and then make some deposits to ensure your win.

To Enter for a Gen-2 CryptoKitty, Gen-1 CryptoPuppy, or 3 SBD

  1. Buy Some EtherGoo Stock(any amount) @
  2. Follow, Upvote, Resteem
  3. Comment this post with the prize you want, your wallet address, and your market cap guess

There is more info on our Discord :

EtherStocks Twitter:

EtherStocks Reddit:

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Be careful from Daily trading

17.013 guess

please follow and upvote me

how to do it so we can play

· come into discord and message Henryetta. I will help you get started

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GOO me Daddy

18.037 ETH
Steemit : @rajaduttablogs

15.5 eth


Market cap quess: 16.1
I would prefer the 3 steem dollars..
ETH address: 0x6174cd96d2f7B27C5B3dE4306C821d6115F2b9FA

Thank you so very much, and hoping i win for once! Have a great Sunday man..

15.2 is my guess :)



15.973 eth

Hahaha..... That illustration is pretty funny; well done

I love the goo!



"1,2or3-GuessTheNumber" - Use your logic only in order to guess a secret number selected by the random number bot every day. If you wish to participate, please put your number (i.e. "1", "2" or "3") in memo and send exact 1 SBD to @monitorprivate Steemit account. Check at the end of the day if you guessed the correct number randomly selected by our bot. By giving the right answer you will be awarded with 2 SBD to your account. Anyone is welcome to participate only once every day. Good luck.



1 6. 9 5



I would like a Kitty :)