The Calm Before the Storm. Get a 100% Upvote!

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The Calm Before the Storm


I can't help but feel like this is the calm before the storm. The whole cryptocurrency market is starting to come alive. The PoXX Clone Wars seem to be toning down a bit. But don't let this quietness fool you, big things are on the way. One of the biggest things that I'm looking forward to, is the launch of Eth.Town. This will be one of the first games backed by a legit game studio. A little birdie told me that there are talks of a Eth.Town/ partnership.... we'll see. Of course, I'm excited about the re-launch on Friday and launch on the 30th. The main reason is these games have featured stocks on . These are exciting times for and our new partners and .

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When will these people learn???
BitConnect 3.0

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Great way to market

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Ill check this Etherstocks out thanks!

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Done :-D

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Thanks for offering this!


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Upvoted and I wish you nothing but success with the project young man :-)
Will be keeping a eye out for the game!
My name on Reddit is Nathen007 like here :-)
Thank you

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Thanks for the opportunity.

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Am already exploring the site,it looks promising and very funny that ive been hearing it for quite a long time.

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I am bsadel in reddit, but tell me please, how to upvote a post in reddit ? I subscribed and commented there. [ edited : I upvoted ]

Just look up at the left side :)

thanks a lot, I did it. ☺

Great :)

Hey, I talked to you earlier. Glad to have you join us. Good luck!

You are welcome. ☺


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I thin we need to be very patient when it comes to Forex and Stock Market :)
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We are already making some waves. Only up we go! ObieoneJacobie

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Launch it soon Ill be the happiest one to look over it ..And thanks for offering this @brittuf
I wish you tons and tons of success and I also wish you luck All the Best Brother ....Trust me it will the biggest hit of your life....Just keep up the good work going rest everything will be good and excellent...Big big hug

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Another great article brittuf.
My reddit name is the same as everywhere else lol
Im going to post about

next and your vote would be much appreciated.

It is a great initiative, I try to support those projects as much as possible!
Upvoted,Followed on Twitter, also I am now in the Discord Channel, I wish you a lot of luck. My Reddit username "enking"!

Reddit: Apple2808

interesting off to check it out new to the cryptocurrency system thanks to steemit

All link nothink fungsional

The biggest storm hasn't passed by, it is still to come. It will be better if we get prepared for this and profit from it.

I guess what i mean really.


Will check Ether Stocks out tonight!

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Ohhh thankew @brittuf for this helpful post and your most of the post are amazing i will wait your next post 👍😍

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I've observed all the due protocols
Waiting for your response

Very cool... love to see games scale on a blockchain! Thanks for the info!

It would be a good idea to make an entry to publicize that platform, many people like me do not know it, because we are entering this world with Steemit.

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Soon we see... we have to be patient :)

I just made an account on reddit. seems to be interesting platform. I will try it more. Thanks for sharing @brittuf

Crypto market is calm before the bull run!

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Woow I like your marketing technique

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Reddit user name : ob9329

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now we can see all green from the stat of crypto, is it consider the storm has pass? or we just right in the middle of the eye of storm?

I gonna check this one too. I got fishes from and I enjoy it. Looking forward for these new project too.

very cool, fishbank is fun, but its a little 1 dimensional

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@brittuf i didnt get the upvote :(

I stated at the end of the post that I ran out of voting power and this post is over. Please wait for the next upvote post.

the storm that will approach the ship, the storm only need calmness in the journey and crew.

reditt username : niitesh, performed everything as mentioned above