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Buy of the Day


The Buy of the Day on is WAMPUM. The Buy of the Day is a way to play and guarantee you won't get burned or dumped on. The whole community comes together and focuses on 1 featured stock. You only have about 12 hours left, so buy some WAMPUM and get your share of the Dividends. Our fearless leader at has a bunch of WAMPUM shares so lets show him how much we appreciate all his hard work and ETH by buying some WAMPUM. Feel free to ask any questions on our Discord

Reddit Upvote Exchange

Here is your chance to get an Upvote from me and to help get some exposure on Reddit. So I will trade you a upvote on Reddit for a 100% upvote on Steemit. So here is what you have to do:

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    I will check, so DON'T CHEAT
    I will give:
    100% upvote to the first 5 entries
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I will upvote the most recent entries first, so get in early and get my MAX 100% Upvote!

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