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Buy of the Day

The Buy of the Day on is CRYP2 KITTIES. The Buy of the Day is a way to play and guarantee you won't get burned or dumped on. The whole community comes together and focuses on 1 featured stock. You only have 12 hours left, so buy some CRYP2 KITTIES and get your share of the Dividends. Feel free to ask any questions on our Discord

Reddit Upvote Exchange

Here is your chance to get an Upvote from me and to help get some exposure on Reddit. So I will trade you a upvote on Reddit for a 100% upvote on Steemit. So here is what you have to do:

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My reddit username is iamradman.


EDIT: I have done all the things!

Reddit user name : ibadnan
Done all steps
wish you all the best :)


Reddit username: che04gooner

Thanks once more (daelleok)!

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I have done all steps and subscribe on EtherStocks... My REDDIT Username pingosteem

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I followed all the procedures my Reddit username is @Edibobo...
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My name in reddit - Barskiy73
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Maybe I'm late but I love contests !
reddit username : ElfenWick

Already had it upvoted lol

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