EtherStocks is Almost There! Win a Free Gen-3 CryptoKitty!

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Winners @yura81 who won our twitter follower Kitty Giveaway

EtherStocks Buy of the Day

We are getting closer and closer to launch. I think we are still on track for Friday. We are testing all our add-on contracts to make sure they are working properly. Of course, you can get in the game before we launch at our old site . Here is a little incentive to help you choose what stock to get started with. The Devs and I will be making deposits into WAMPUM within about 12 hours. If you deposit into WAMPUM before us, you will get dividends from our deposits.

Guess the Stock Price for a Free CryptoKitty

Tonight's giveaway will be for a Free Gen-3 CryptoKitty. So far we have revealed the first 5 to-be featured stocks during the EtherStocks Beta Launch. They are Kitties, Coffee, Tulips, and Bots. The 5th featured stock will be Wampum! The Dev and I will be making deposits within about 12hrs. Before I make the deposits, I will screenshot the balance. Closest guess to this balance without going UNDER, will win a Gen-3 CryptoKitty. So if its not going as high as you thought, you can make deposits to get closer to your guess. Remember we are doing closest without going UNDER so if your guess is under, its a guaranteed loss. So aim high and then make some deposits to ensure your win. Just make sure your follow, upvote, resteem, and comment with your CryptoKitties Litter Address and the Amount you think Wampum will rise to in 12hrs. Currently Wampum has a Market Cap of .5133 ......what will it be in 12hrs... If it goes up like COFFEE did there should be some good dividends to be made.

My guess is .7508 Don't forget to join our Discord


I'm all in on the Petro


What is wampum? I’ve never heard of this. Is it a crypto or just a made up name in order to have different tokens on the exchange? I’m a little confused.

I'm going with 1.0 again! I bought some earlier today.
Kitty Litter 0x3311b10e76719f1bbfee2e235925b3d80a5e7830
Maybe I will get some more :)

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I'll give a try with .8154
Wampum FTW! 😉



My guess: 0.8100


thanks for the information @brittuf.

Go Wampum!!

My guess: 0.71
Go Wampum!!

Interesting. Thanks for the update.

Can you tell me how this work?

thanks @brittuf, i bought a bit of Wampum.. i think the cap will be at 0.842. 0x36ED2D75A82e180e0871456b15c239b73B4EE9F4 cheers

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I'll surely check on that, thanks:)

Nice article @brittuf.
I like the post.... thanks for this...
I would definitely check on this for sure
Would be looking forward to more of your posts here on steemit.

hmmm pretty cool


Follow, I follow back :)

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I'm New buy am doing this 😊😊

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