EtherCity Launches and Win a 5 SBD or a CryptoKitty with EtherStocks

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Something New

I found a game that didn't do the best job marketing, so not many people know about it. I bought in pre-sale and now the game is live. The game is based on land. There are a set amount of lands that were sold presale and there will never be anymore land. You can rent, sell, or build a city on your land. If you rent it, you let someone else build a city on your land.
You get a set commission on all business they do in the city. You are in full control of this commission. The business make buildings that allow people to live(housing) in your city. You can buy other buildings that help your citizens become more productive in your city. All these things create an ecosystem were players are buying buildings from each other to make their cities profitable. The devs make their money by selling metals, which is required to build all buildings. The rest of the sales go to business owners and land owners. I think if this game gets some traffic, people will enjoy its mechanics. Come check it out

Guess That Stock @ EtherStocks

We have about 6 hours before I make my deposit into TULIPS, so here is your last chance to get in. Just to give you some extra motivation, here is a contest. Today's giveaway will be for a Free Gen-2 CryptoKitty or 5 SBD. Before I make the deposit, I will screenshot the balance. Closest guess to this balance without going UNDER, will win a Gen-2 CryptoKitty or 5 SBD. So if its not going as high as you thought, you can make deposits to get closer to your guess. Remember we are doing closest without going UNDER so if your guess is under, its a guaranteed loss. So aim high and then make some deposits to ensure your win. Just make sure your follow, upvote, resteem, and comment with your CryptoKitties Litter Address and the Amount you think TULIPS will rise to in 6 hrs. Currently TULIPS has a Market Cap of 1.765......what will it be in 6 hrs...

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The game of the future. Thanks bringing our awareness on this. Will definitely research more about it by now and see what I can found but it looks interesting. Land on the blockchain.

This is a great game to those future leaders.

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Market cap will be at 2.15


Why a tongue face? Lol

when do you think that will happen?

Already happened! Don't miss out on the next EtherStocks buy of the day!

2.5 Go Tulips

Psh, I mean I hope so, but good luck! Haha

Great post! Thanks!

2.3 market cap 🤔

I can't believe that cryptokitties still works :D

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:

Awesome post, thanks for sharing.

i love this games type so much , i have a feeling i'm going to have a lot of sleepless nights

wow interesting game, the truth seems great, excellent publication.

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my guess is 2.45!




good game!!!! Maybee

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Good post

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Great post! Thanks!

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Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid

nice post...


I love the videos games excellent!

thank you for a kind information....thank you so much...keep it up carry on your activity best of luck try something new....

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Hey, I tried myethercity but there seems to have a bug when you rent land for an existing city... do you know if the team is legit?

You are right. The marketing by this company is not so great. It's the first time ever I hear of EtherStocks. And to think they've already had a pre-sale, and even went live already, there should have been some attempts to spread the word.

Nonetheless, I think this is fantastic game. It keeps you engaged, whether as a building owner or a lessee. As a building owner you can keep buying buildings and profiting from all your businesses. Pretty cool

nice, thanks man

Nice post you, i see read and enjoy, thanks for sharing.

hopefully fore more posts like this ...

Land on the blockchain.

The future is now. Progression is now a reality.


thanks, you are upping the ante now !! I'm more of a Jared Leto gal than a Beyonce fan 😉, but I give kudos to the queen for introducing a whole lot of folks to veganism who might have heard about the lifestyle !! You know I'm looking for you anyway!

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