Do you have experience with the ledger blue hardware wallet?

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After having a (very, very) bad experience keeping my crypto on exchanges (check my latest post) I am thinking of getting a hardware wallet. Ledger Blue seems like a good choice? Does anyone have any experience with this device?


I have not gone for the blue but have used ledgers other devices.

I don't recommend the blue unless you will use the U2F authentication with your smartphone. Otherwise you are just paying for a fancy screen.

The nano s is amazing. Plausible deniability, passphrases, the works. I would go with it over a trezor any day.

Thanks. Ledger Blue is indeed very expensive. Good to know you are happy with the Nano S. Delivery times are crazy on Ledger devices though! Trezor is supposed to be able to ship quite fast.

Yeah I mean you pay more to get either now. Trezor is already more expensive so I think if you wanted either now you would pay about the same. Idk though.

I hear Ledger underpromises and overdelivers with regards to shipping dates. Made enough money on crypto to treat myself and decided to go for the Ledger blue. I'll post as soon as I get it. Excited!

Haha nice!

Hopefully that baby will treat you well. Make sure to utilize the bluetooth U2F authentication features. That is what makes the blue so attractive.

Log into everything with 2 factor

Thx 4 the tips! Looking forward to it.

Coucou !
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