Ethereum:Price prediction,mining graphic card update, Ethereum vs Ripple

Ethereum; basic introduction to Ethereum (Founders edition)

Folks for those of you who do not know Ethereum is a mineable currency. However there are no ASIC miners to mine Ethereum thankfully. This is where gpu mining comes in.

I am going to share with you the price and specs of various graphics cards. Since 2018 marks the start of GPU shortage I will also tell you where to get the latest cards at the best prices.

*RX580 (26 MHs) *GTX 1050 TI (14MHs) *GTX 1070 (28 MHs) *GTX 1080 (33 MHs)

Ethereum is still the most profitable coin, check out how much you can make with your current graphics card

Secure your cryptocurrency with nano ledgers!

Now folks I want to talk about how ripple took 40 billion dollars from bitcoin.
Ripple, created by banks, unlimited amount of tokens. In late 2017 Ripple seemed like a promising investment which turned out to be true. When ripple rose to $7 banks took out 40 billion dollars and who knows maybe they replaced the tokens maybe the didn't but what we know for sure is that bitcoin value started rising after the massive ripple drop.

In short, hold onto your Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin is set to hit over $100,000 and Ethereum over 40,000 by the end of 2018 and Ethereum being the only real contender shows much better prospects in the battle against bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin and Ethereum (Hands down the most secure site I came across)

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