ETC big news : MetaMask may add Ethereum Classic (ETC) Support

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the cryptocurrency which can be called "Cryptocurrency of the Year" - because Coinbase announced they are going to list ETC on their exchange. As everybody knows that just with the rumour of XRP going to list on Coinbase - after this rumours XRP broke all record of it's high and made new all time high. So we can only think what going to do with ETC when it's official.


This news is just fresh and there is another news on market that MetaMask Plans to Add Ethereum Classic Support - It’s Not Officially Confirmed Yet as it's in discussion phase but chances are very high tweeted by Anthony Lusardi (Director of the Ethereum Classic Network).

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 9.18.17 PM.png

If this will be confirmed we may see new high of ETC. Let's see when it will be official..



great news

currently market is in bearish mode but ETC will surely rise when bull come.

100% agree with you friend..

yes already hold Etc thanks for information.

Welcome my friend

good which means etc team is more aggressive now but still they cant surpass eth

yes practically it's not possible to surpass ETH but they can try to compare with technology

@flash07 I have some ETC, lets hope for the best 😊

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I am holding good amount of etc ..i know one day it will help me to grow

It's going to be good one when coinbase will list it and many more news on the way

Yes sir, this is true that this is the nicest currency around in market right now to invest

Yes I feel the same

This is amazing!! I am using meta mask since long time!

May good news will come soon

Yes ! I’m holding ETC ! I hope it would fire hard to the top soon.

Yes my friend it will

@flash07 from where do you follow these news ?

I use twitter a lot and Google is big source of news, just type the words and you will get the news :)

ETC to 1000$ ....Yipeeeee :)

Hope for the best my friend :)

Good post keep it up... upvoted.
upvote me back 👍

For sure my friend

need your upvote, follow and nice comments.

For sure my friend

Wow that's definitely a great news. Its time to buy ETC as price is too low right now. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

Yes I am thinking the same.

Well done @flash07! You successfully guessed the match result.

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@flash07 it is a great coin soon #ETC will rise again due to #BITCOIN correction it's going down but end of year i believe #Etc will be around @100 Dollars........... Please Upvote and Follow me as well

Thank you for your views on article. Surely will do follow and upvote :)

i am also an etc hodler

@jatinkkalra You will see great profit soon then :)

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