welcome to matchpool

in ethereum •  last year

Hey steemit,

Im Yoni. I want to introduce you to my project , called matchpool, It’s like a airbnb for dating sites denomeneted by our internal crypto currency called guppies , we have ned scott , gavin wood and more on the advisory board and pretty big team behind us .meet us at :www.matchpool.co I hope you like it!

here is the ui demo:https://invis.io/CKAKYMLQS
and here is the pitch deck:https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/15Fx2OVYt5TNqfngGv2QDANbbujr-AVZ6ytNHz7NKFWw

our ico is on the 25th of march
here for any question you may have

xx Yoni

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Yoni, you have great looking team and ambitious project for bringing in the mainstream to crypto! I am excited to work with you and see the product you put out :)

full disclosure: I am advising Yoni and hold some match pool


Interesting idea!

Perhaps you could begin by advising @yonatan9091 on some posting and formatting technique (such as use of photos/illustrations which seem to add a lot in steemit).

Presentation is important, especially with the ico only a week away.


Ha! He and I were just speaking about that. He's doing so much right now getting ready for it, currently he's on the road meeting people in Japan. Looking forward to seeing more from him. Their website, match pool.co is very nicely done.


Check out their website. It's well put together.


Are you still excited to work with him? @ned

see more...

Or is it just a developer that has personal issues with main developer?


Thank you for the disclosure @ned!

What considerations have been made for using an open-access database for a dating application? I'd be happier using a dating site or app that had a private database.

It's really important to put some good marketing in place here. Unfortunately, people have a very small attention span. If they don't get the idea within the first 10 to 20 seconds of investigating the project, they'll lose interest. I'm just trying to help you avoiding this as the idea wasn't made clear to me in this time span.

It wouldn't hurt to have made the post a little more professional since you representing something and have spent a decent amount of money on a promotion. Tho i do like the project i just feel if you going to spend the money you might as well do as much as you can to make sure it makes people want to follow those links.


THIS ^^^

Very cool! Thanks @yonatan9091!

Upped and followed!

Welcome to Steemit. I will be looking out for the ICO:)

The demo is not accessible from some countries like Iran, is the final release going to follow the same rules?

Interesting project. I will check it out ;-)

Hi @yonatan9091, this is a great project. Connecting human in a P2P in more thant needed in todays world. So many match making can be build on top I guess. best success.

Yoni, what is the purpose of the currency on the site?

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Good job, keep your contents promoted! :)

Matchpool seems like a very dope idea. When I heard it was the airbnb of dating I was automatically curious. Thanks for sharing!


Your posts makes this seem very spammy.

what is it though


if its a dating app whats the need for the currency?


Will be full of hookers !

PS Just kidding :)

How do I actually buy the tokens?

it would help to answer our questions.....

@yonatan9091 I really like the idea behind your project. Could be really disruptive if done right. You have my support! Good luck.