Kibo, the first ever decentralized lotto, launches the new website

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We have some good news.

Today we fully updated our website and launched a Slack channel for live chat.

Why is this interesting?

If you have been following our launch preparations, then from now on you will be able to learn more about what KIBO really is.

The new version of the website contains a detailed description of the platform, its advantages and the details of the unique strategy developed specially for the rapid and massive development of the KIBO Platform.

On the website, you will find detailed information on the upcoming launch, all important details about the KIBO ideology and concept development, as well as answers to questions. Why the platform is unique and why KIBO really can forever change the most popular game in the world!

As a part of our road map we intend to carry out an ICO this autumn; details are also available on the website.
We have scheduled multiple updates for the next month. We will be sharing the results of the work and would be happy to get feedback from you. This will surely make the KIBO launch even more interesting.

The website is already available in English, German, Chinese and Russian. Next week we intend to significantly expand the number of languages in which the resource is available and continue to share the details of the work done and the development plans for the year to come!

Join our Slack channel.

To allow you to join our live discussion of KIBO, we have opened access to our Slack channel. Join the conversation, ask your questions and get answers. Your opinion is important for us. The chat participants include developers and professional blockchain industry communities who share our interests in KIBO.

You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook.

Best regards, the KIBO team!

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Good stuff. Excited about what you're doing.

On the ICO, I think it is important that you have a product before the ICO. In 2016 with all the tools at your disposal there's no good reason to raise investor money without some semblance of a product.

There will be ready and open-source smart-contract before ICO starts.

But the first site to be output lotto: