Ethereum Looks Setup To Flush

in ethereum •  3 months ago

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Ethere is setup to begin the final wave down.

If you've followed closely, I've been waiting for that last flush in this bear market. While I can never guarantee a bottom is forthcoming, we are hitting ideal levels with completed patterns. At the moment, between Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ethereum looks setup to go immediately in a 1-2,i-ii setup with projections to the $200's. While my short term accounts are short now, and I'll be adding to that short in any retraces. I'll be looking to be very long in the low $200's, high $100's region.

ETHUSD - Primary Analysis - Aug-30 0647 AM (20 min).png

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Thanks for the update. Do you also see BTS and XVG hitting one more low on similar set ups?

BTS to the $0.057-0.077 range potentially?

Do you think XVG could go as low as $0.0038-0.0088?


Yep. Good observation. Most cryptos are showing this pattern with a few variations in the 'how'. A few may have bottomed, but very few have a high probability bottom. Just out of respect I keep all my targets for subscribers and 'ration' my calls to the community. But Verge should see one more swing low. I don't think it will be that low (yet)


Cool, thanks. I am more interested in a bit of validation on my analysis rather than the numerical targets anyway :)


No problem!