Pfizer and Genentech Use Crypto to Prevent Counterfeit Medicine

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Dear community,

Big are players stepping into the crypt market. Pfizer and Genetech have started MediLedger project based on Ethereum blockchain in order to prevent counterfeit medicines.


MediLedger Project is using Quorum, an enterprise-focused Ethereum-based smart contract platform developed by J.P. Morgan.

“We get the best of both worlds. The key to this whole thing, again, is a single blockchain of everyone continuously checking the integrity. [Still, there is a] clear separation between private and public"

The utilization of J.P. Morgan’s Quorum smart contract platform by the MediLedger Project is the first commercial implementation of the bank’s blockchain technology.


I think permissioned blockchains are already in use for so many big players, adopting blockchain technology without making these steps publicly available. IMO, that is ok, but one should note that the blockchain future does not depend on permissionless or anonymous blockchains like the key players in the market. It is very important not to confuse blockchain technology by cryptos, these are two different issues.

This is a very good point and the fact which I overlooked. It is indeed a private copy of the Ethereum blockchain and not the mainnet network. I guess big players can live with that as the level of trust between them and their vendors is quite high. In areas where a high level of trust can't simply be established the public blockchain is the way to go. Thanks for your comment and resteem!

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